On a whim it was decided to take a trip to Los Angeles. Why? I really don’t know. The price was right and it was somewhere I always wanted to go, so why not? I planned a 3.5 day trip and off we went!

Well, the first thing you think of when in the LA mind set is celebrities. And of course that had crossed my mind. I am one who follows my favorites on social media, and liked to read all the gossip magazines, so yes I am one of those people. Not obnoxiously so, but aware enough to be on the ready to spot a celeb.

In the airport on the way into LAX from Chicago, I was on alert, I mean airports are the hub and celebs have to fly right? Well at what point are you reaching to see a famous person? One may never know, but I can tell you this (see Pic). IMG_0702I mean, I’m pretty sure this is the guy from the Hangover. I snapped that pic being as inconspicuous as possible.

And he disappeared not long after that. Probably to make sure no one steals his purse again.
After a set of flight delays and turbulence on the plane that made me think we were going to die. We landed in time to do nothing because it was too late.

I do like looking at the Tea Cup ride, its my favorite to look at but not go on since, I would probably vom. Yay Teacups

But the next day we took a Magical trip to Disney. Which is Disney, so not much is needed to explain here. Other than my favorite ride was closed, the Haunted Mansion. So my dreams were crushed, and it’ll probably be another 5 years or so until I got back to Disney Land or World. NBD.

The next day was Hollywood baby! Well and the Grove/Farmers Market, but the Grove was an everyday thing since we happened to get a hotel right next to it. Moving right along…

We started on the way to Hollywood with a studio Tour of Paramount Studios. Which was pretty neat, and it narrowed down our choices since some of the other options were closed on the Weekends. I didn’t really watch many of the shows filmed here, but it was fun none the less. I actually think it would be amazing to work behind the scenes doing the creative work. It kind of felt like we were in a giant office park and occasionally looked in some random peoples garages. Not the glamour you imagine, but I still dug it. Oh and I should mention it is a tour of 6 and we were stuck in a cart full of Canadians.

On a set, woot!

Next we went to Hollywood, where the streets are paved with Stars on the walk of fame, and probably urine! Really though it was probably my least favorite part of the trip however I still consider it a must see. It’s Hollywood after all!

While wandering around and taking it in we got pulled into one of these little museum things of Hollywood. We figured what the hey! It was like a musty basement with some costumes that I have a gut feeling are replicas but it was still a fun side show.

Best Part was finding Pee Wee’s Bike! #WorthIt

Of course we need food every once in a while, and I had a pretty good list of classic spots to go to, but we happened to see this one first. I recognized the name Mel’s Diner, but I don’t know from where. I’m pretty sure it was YouTuber Trisha who went there a few times that jarred the name. It was cute, it did it’s job and nope no celebrity sightings.

I don’t know what this pose is. I think it’s I hope my hair looks ok, oh i’m talking to you and you’re taking a pic. Cool.

Another Goldmine find was Jim Henson Studios! Just the outside, but still I love anything related. And what do you know, Kat Von D’s High Voltage

Weird Pose. I’m good at that.

Tattoo shop was right there too! I was super excited about this. I love tattoo’s but don’t have any, but I think if I could get one by Kat, I would. I properly geeked out inside the shop too, and got my pic snapped thanks to the guys inside. Kat wasn’t there but it’s her place so I mean that’s pretty damn close to a celebrity spotting if you ask me.

Nerd Alert

That night I was determined to go to a comedy show, and settled on the Comedy Store! I like that they have more than 1 comic a night so that was a big draw. Not gonna lie, I was really really hoping to spot a celeb here since the ones I like best happen to be comedians! But alas nope. But I found some new favorite comics that night for sure. I think this was my favorite part of the trip itself. It was a great night, and if I lived in the area I would definitely be a frequent visitor!

Great line up!
Just because, heres a glamour shot.

Final full day, beaches. Bette Midler not included.
Venice, Santa Monica and a touch of Malbu. I wasn’t sure how I was going to like this day since I’m not a beach girl. I know that may come as a shock being the whitest human on earth, but it’s true. I had Spf 100 on, an headed on my way! Venice was interesting, kinda what I expected but not quite. It was hot and sunny AF so I ended up buying a fedora from a vendor since someone who was with me took my other fedora as his own. Punk! But It did the trick even though I noticed the tag says 100% paper. Quality. We walked down to Santa Monica and spent a good majority of our time there. It was beautiful! I can see why people like the beach. It’s not boring, and there is a lot to do than just sitting staring at the waves. The town of Santa Monica is very cute as well, and I like the vibe I got from it.

I wore my bathing suit (under) all day bit never actually went swimming, which might have been safe since it would be like a mirror reflecting the sun into peoples eyes from the glare. I did walk in the Ocean though so that was good enough for me.

White girl at the beach. I will add that I have the darkest tan to date in this picture.

We only ended up driving into Malibu for dinner. We ended up at a cuban place, that was alight taste wise but ambiance wise was superb! This was where a celebrity was spotted, but I didn’t know until we left. Apparently the mom from Home Alone was behind me and some guy from the TV show Wings. Who knew? Anyways I liked Malibu and would love to explore more of that in the future. It felt like the suburbs to me, which was unexpected.

Before our flight back we had a few hours to enjoy ourselves. I picked a visit to the Urth Cafe, since it got great reviews and had lots of great vegetarian options. The coffee was amazing, like I would fly to LA just for that amazing. The food was really good too! It was a tad smaller than expected but worth it. Also located in a cute part of town that calls for more exploration. There was a Kitson down the road however so I did manage to make time to visit that.

I’m being a movie star here with my sunglasses and I don’t have time to smile for you stare

Then we went back to Chicago.
Of course there were lots of bits and bobs here and there I left out. But these were the main events. A pretty great trip that I wish was a tad longer! I get the draw to living in CA, but it’s definitely not what I had always imagined it would be like. We only visited a small section in comparison and i’m sure we missed out on a lot of great things, but what we saw in our short time I think was pretty good!