For the past couple of years i’ve been making the not so far trek in Chicago for the annual Christkindlmarket. It’s a small German market set up in the city with tents of food, beer, spiced wine, decorations and things for sale. It’s usually packed, rain or shine but regardless I still go and make a day in the city out of it.

IMG_1036I have to prepare myself for crowds of this caliber so I did so on the train. Caffeine will always be my choice of drug. You can also see the interesting outfit choice here. Hudson Jeans with a 1920s print, because, obviously. And brown fuzzy boots that don’t go with my plaid coat, but carpe diem. It was cold but not cold cold, especially for December in Chicago. It was 40 degrees for a high which felt cold, but then again a couple years ago when I went it was 5 degrees, so theres that.

IMG_1037Anyways, when I got there it was packed at about 11am. This was my view for about 10 minutes until I could break free into the spiced wine tent. I have to be honest here, my favorite part of the market is the Gluhwein, served in a little ceramic boot. I know I could easily buy it myself and drink it at home, but what is the fun in that? It’s my pilgrimage to spiced wine land, and i’m ok with that.

There are lots of stalls of pretty decorations that circle the area. I usually can’t get close enough to buy things, but i’m there more for the ambiance. My favorite are the imported ornaments and the paper star lanterns. Sadly I didn’t get any pictures of them due to the sheer amount of people and being herded.

After a “quick” walkthrough it was decided to come back later in the day to get a better look at things. Which was also a good excuse to go shopping! But sadly or not, I didn’t see too many things I had to have and just enjoyed the atmosphere of Christmas in the city. After a Starbucks run or two we headed back to the Market. This time it was walkable, but still lively.

My picture skills are lacking again, but I did feel the need to document the hobo pigeons huddling around the fire, and in attempt to get a shot of some decorations I really just got some girls texting. *sigh* maybe next year. All in all if you find yourself in Chicago anytime after Thanksgiving until Christmas Eve I do recommend a stop over to the Christkindlmarket. I highly recommend the Wine, and the sweet shop. Because without the sweet shop I would have never discovered these babies:

IMG_0983Rum things! I swear I don’t drink that much but when in Rome, or Chicago…

Happy Holidays!