It’s here, Super Bowl Sunday! Aaaand I’d be lying if I said I was excited for the actual football part of it. I do enjoy the Super Bowl and watch it every year, however I am really pumped for the commercials and the horrible-for-you deep fried delicious foods! Who ever thought there would be a day where a lot of people are watching FOR commercials? Weird.

In bad timing ville, this weekend I happened to see the movie Concussion. It was against my will since I thought it was all about Football, which it was…but it was more about, well actually concussions (which I know first hand are not fun). Plus it is based on a true story, which those are some of my favorite movies. I recommend seeing this movie, Will Smith does an excellent job of playing Dr. Bennet Omalu. It also will make me watch the game differently for sure, I actually respect the players more now knowing that they really are putting their life in danger for a game. But I don’t want to get all deep, so onto my next favorite part. Food!

Ok, confession, I am sort of a dude when it comes to food choices. I am not really a salad lover. I mean I eat them, but of course I prefer pizza, fried foods (fried pickles anyone?), and beer over say a girly drink, salad, and some kind of french food I can’t pronounce. That being said I am also a Vegetarian so some dude foods are left out. Unless they’re tofu based. So this year on my menu are nachos, probably pizza, and Cauliflower Buffalo Bites. The Cauliflower bites, I’ve made in the past, and I have to say they are amazing! They taste like the real thing, and bonus are so much more healthier than the real thing! It helps with some of my guilt of over indulging anyways. I have seen these pre-made in the frozen section at the grocery store, but I have no idea how those are. And really these are pretty simple, Just put aside some time, since it does require a bit of baking. I used the recipe found here. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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For my choice of Adult Beverage this evening, I haven’t planned that far in advance and sadly tomorrow is Monday and the daily grind starts all over again.

What are your Super Bowl plans?