Hey all! Wow can you say slackerville? I don’t even know where to start, the last time I checked in was spring and now it’s most definitely fall with Halloween (my fav holiday) being tomorrow.
I’ll just say that this kind of happens every time, I get on a roll and then…crickets. I am going to try harder to update this blog more often, and maybe fill you in on what i’ve been up to over the summer. Although not much has changed, something did happen…

I got a dog!

Yes this is his glamour shot (from the shelter). I don’t know what came over me…being a cat person by nature I just all of a sudden wanted a dog. So odd! But I saw him posted on a local shelter’s page and just had to go see him. The rest is kind of history. He’s a Chihuahua/Italian Greyhound better known as a “Chiggy” and is about 4yrs old. He was rescued from the south at a kill shelter and believed to be a stray. He has since gained some weight thanks to less stress and treats and is most definitely spoiled.

I got him pretty much after my last post so that is where the MIA statues came from. My dog is a little crazy and has some major energy. Like he can clear jumping over the couch in a single bound, or run 6 miles and come back home wanting to play. He is non stop go 24/7. My cat (not pictured) likes to give him the side eye and keep a major distance. She is 18 and has no time for that.

I wish I had some cute Halloween costume pictures to post here of him, but again i’m a slacker. I wanted him to be Dobby as I am wearing some Gryffindor apparel, but Halloween crept up on me this year for sure.

Happy early Halloween!