Another year has come and gone and all of a sudden here we are in 2017! When did that happen?

Things are changing at a rapid pace. For starters we’re getting a new President. I’ll just leave it at that since i’m not a fan of politics or debating for that matter. With this new addition i’m sure there will be a lot of change. Good or bad.

I feel a shift in my perspectives as well. I am left wanting more. More from my career, more traveling and more forward motions in general. I don’t know what came over me but I feel a sudden urgency to stop being stagnant. Maybe this blog will be included since it sadly has been very stagnant. *oops*

I think there is just change in the air, you can feel it and anticipate it. Change is always hard, more for some than others. But most of the time you can’t grow without it. This year my resolution is to embrace change no matter how much it might suck in the process.

What are your 2017 resolutions?