I love a good movie, who doesn’t? I used to see a movie religiously every weekend, sometimes twice a week. Thanks to a little discount theatre not far from my house. I have to wait a really long time until to see new releases but it doesn’t bother me that much to wait. I like to have the full experience of a theatre, there’s something old school about it. However thanks to Netflix and sometimes not the best movies out there (I’ve had my limit on superhero movies) I don’t always go out to see one like I used to. But I still average probably once every other week. Since the Oscars are coming up I thought I’d share some of the ones that have stood out for me so far.

Both of these recent ones I saw are probably my favorite movies so far this year (they actually came out in 2016). And both are set during war times. Allied and Hacksaw Ridge. I’d say Allied was my most favorite thanks to the love story (and Brad Pitt), and a chance to peep the fashion at the time (love). It has an interesting story line that draws you in and really keeps you there. Unfortunately I don’t think this one was nominated. I’m not sure why, it’s definitely my favorite i’ve seen in a while.

Hacksaw Ridge is gory to say the least but based on a true story, and I love movies that are based on truth and history. I highly recommend checking this one out if you are in to that sort of thing! I didn’t realize Mel Gibson was the director of this one as well until the credits were rolling. I know that is controversial to some, but it still was a good movie and I can definitely see why it is nominated.

The most recent movie I saw (2 days ago) was Arrival. This one is a bit different as it involves aliens, and a future that who knows if it could really happen? It’s not a horror movie, more suspense. It was a fair enough movie but to be honest the first thing that caught my attention when watching it was the musical score. It was fantastic! Without the score this movie would definitely not be the same. It set the tone and mood so perfectly. I can’t imagine them not winning in that category at the very least. Then again I have a lot to watch to see the full nominee list.

Have you seen any good movies in the theatre lately, or are you more of a Netflix watch at home person?