So by now i’m sure you’ve heard of this brand Lularoe. It’s a brand most known for their crazy prints and soft leggings. Mom’s seem to be the main consumer, but it’s bleeding out and all over the Facebook world. In fact, the only place you can buy these items is through a consultant (think Avon, Mary Kay, etc.) online through a group party. Sounds like a PITA, doesn’t it? I was completely against it. In fact I thought the clothes were hideous. So…I’m not sure what happened and why I got sucked in, but I did. I think it’s because i’m at that age where my friends and acquaintances, suddenly became mom’s. For the record, I am NOT a mom. Unless a dog and cat mom count, and even then I work a 9-5, in an office, 5 days a week, with a business casual dress code. So I’m not sure I’m the target for this brand, but I like clothes and fashion and so I had to see what this was all about.

koolaidface Come and drink the Kool-Aid with me

Ok, so I started off with the main attraction. The buttery soft leggings. And as a disclaimer, I never bought this stuff through a legit party. It includes being there at a certain time, filling out a google document and commenting on a picture in time to claim it. I just ain’t got time for that! So I got mine through mostly Ebay, and Poshmark. Some used slightly but most New with tags. But, back to leggings.
I got these because I actually liked the print.

Looks like a printed pair of leggings, eh? These leggings retail for about $25 and are soft, yes. But TBH I was a little disappointed they weren’t softer. I was expecting butter, what I got was a soft flannel feel? I mean they’re thin and lightweight, but I don’t consider them buttery by any means. I actually like my off brand leggings from ROSS better, and I think they’re much softer and describe buttery more accurately. These are also one size, which is fine, but much like tights they come up under my bust so the fit is a tad wonky for me. I do like this print though, but I’ve only worn them once, and $25 is a little much for something I don’t wear much.

The next item I decided to try was the Classic Tee. This is basically a T-Shirt with a high low hemline. I expected the soft material, but alas it is a thicker knit cotton.
IMG_2951IMG_2950I like the print on this one ok too, I thought it was subtle enough and would look cute over jeans. I sized down in these thanks to a few blogs. The sizing is quite generous in LLR. I am normally a 2-4 Small in most things, but this one was marked XXS. It’s a pretty nice shirt but nothing fantastic. Maybe I just don’t know how to pair it with the right leggings. But as a casual shirt it’s ok. The Classic Tee retails for about $35. 

Up next I decided to focus on dresses. Because, i’m a dress girl and I thought it might be easier to pull a print together in a dress than piece it together. So I went with the Carly. I liked the roses in this print I found. This one is shockingly an XXS as well. And it looks kind of like a tent front view. The side view is more of a high low and cute. IMG_2961IMG_2952

A belt is needed for this one IMO, and i’m holding a hair tie because some people can tie up the sides to make them look less bulky. I looked like I was going fishing in a creek when I tried, so there is no photographic evidence of that. Again the print is ok, it reminds me of Beauty and the Beast a tad, but I don’t think I would get another one like this. It’s a regular jersey, cotton feel. I didn’t notice any wrinkles when I had it in a ball on the floor, so that is a plus. The Carly retails for $55. 

The last style i’ve tried so far is the Nicole. By far my favorite dress style. It’s very retro and I can see this being one of the only pieces I will probably wear to work.
This print is also my favorite, and very retro.
IMG_2962IMG_2955The Nicole has a fitted bodice, and circle flare skirt that is knee length. Again, I think i’d belt this to create more separation. It’s very stretchy and again not the legging material. This is size XS. The only thing I don’t like about this one is the bodice part is very long. I have a pretty short natural torso so it hits me at the hips instead of just above. But maybe i’m being picky. I think with the right accessories this could look like a fairly out together outfit. Eclectic but cute. I bought another Nicole just to be sure.
IMG_2960IMG_2959This one is a size larger in Small. It flows away from my body and so the torso hangs a tad lower. The knit on this one is a little thicker too oddly enough, but it’s also a touch softer. This one says made in Korea where the XS one says made in China. The Nicole dress retails for about $48. 

That’s my collection so far! Kind of a lot for someone so against the brand. Again i’ll mention I didn’t pay full listing price for these. Because one of my main gripes about it is, I think it’s kinda pricey for what you get. I feel like the fit is generous but not consistent. I got some pretty good deals and there are a lot to be found online. Which I think is a great way to try it out. The same patterns aren’t distributed to every consultant so it can be a challenge to find the same print someone else has in your size. So it feels like you’ve won something when you find that perfect print.

This clothing is marketed as affordable. And like I said, I think it’s a tad pricy for lounge clothes. I get the convenience for mom’s, because i’m sure it’s difficult to go shopping with a toddler, so ordering on your couch is an easier option. And these clothes I feel like are cut to flow away from the body, which even I appreciate. But as someone who loves to shop, I find it just meh. Every time I got something in my hands my thought was, this is cute, but I could have found the same thing at ROSS or TJ Maxx.

So what is it that keeps pulling me back in?
I think this is the new version of QVC. Truly. When I see a party pop up, or a consultant put together an outfit, I fall for it. I mean, I almost ordered a pair of leggings and a long shirt outfit someone put together for $60. And I’m Still thinking about it! It was a pair of floral coral and blue leggings with a bright turquoise top. Something I think my mom would have worn in the 80’s taking me to shop at Venture for Jellies. I couldn’t even wear it to work. But man, some of these girls just look cute. I like whimsical, and this brand is definitely that.

But alas I have my 9-5 and leggings everyday don’t fly.

So TL;DR. 
Worth it? Maybe. It depends on your lifestyle. If you’re at home with kids and this is your only time to shop and you just want to be comfy, by all means. I can see having a pop up party be a good way to get together with friends or meet new people. I think that’s why home parties are so popular to begin with.

Price? It’s kinda pricy to me. But again, if you buy only a few outfits a year it may be worth it to you. Plus this brand has great resale value, especially for the dabblers like me.

Issues? The sizing is a bit off. I am definitely not an XXS. I would never think to order that if I didn’t read about it first! If you can try before you buy I think that’s the best way to do it. However I’ve read that different manufacturing countries cut slightly different even in the same items. So if you’re in between sizes it can be confusing. Almost every piece I have is made somewhere different.

Will I keep buying? I don’t know. I kind of want to try a Randy (baseball tee) and a maxi skirt. But I know that i’m looking for that “Oh wow” feeling and it just doesn’t seem to be there for me. My favorite piece is the Nicole dress, because I feel retro chic and put together even if it makes me look a tad like a 4th grade school teacher. So if I saw a print I loved, I might be tempted.

Have you tried Lularoe? What are your thoughts?