For as long as I can remember I’ve been obsessed with perfumes. I collected bottles since I was 3 and would visit my 70 year old neighbor and she would give me her empty bottles that I would cherish. I also have always felt very much an old soul so maybe that’s why i’ve always been drawn to Besame Cosmetics! The Gorgeous retro packaging and reproduction of colors! Well recently I ordered a sample pack of their perfumes because I knew I wanted to get one but I wasn’t sure on the note listing alone. So here is my quick take on what I thought of each one as well as my favorite!

I time warped through 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940, 1950 & 1960!



Art Nouveau, Belle Epoque, Klimt, 1910s Floriental
Top notes: lemon, orange-flower, ylang-ylang
Heart notes: tuberose, saffron, jasmine, peony
Base notes: nubuck, vanilla, civet, sandalwood

This was one of my favorites and I had a feeling it would be. It’s very light, summery and fresh! I pick out the orange flower, jasmine and nubuck the most. Well I has to google nubuck but i’d say thats a very light base note I get. I could wear this one and not think anyone would notice it being out of place. Daytime friendly.


Hollywood, rumours and scandals, 1920s Floral, Ambery, Musky
Top notes: mandarin, juniper berry, galbanum
Heart notes: jasmine, violet, muguet, suede
Base notes: cocoa, myrrh, amber, musks

This one I was sure i’d love! I like it a lot for sure. I still get a clean smell but it turns powdery to me and stays close to the skin. I get Juniper berry, violet and amber musks. Very purple and I can sense a touch of the lingering 1910s in there.


Marlene Dietrich, cigarette and seduction, 1930s Oriental
Top notes: mandarin, cinnamon, clarysage
Heart notes: tobacco, heliotrope, lavender
Base notes: vanilla, cedar wood, musks

I probably would have bought this as my blind one it sounds awesome! I do really like this one as well. But it was harder to pick out the scents as the other two. It overall smells very dusty to me. Like walking in an antique shop. Very old glamour, and subtle. I mainly get cinnamon and musks and a mystery scent I can’t quite pin down. I keep applying this one to get a real sense of it. I love this because I am currently on a bit of an obsession with Jean Harlow…


After prohibition, NYC jazz club, 1940s Aromatic, Floral, Ambery
Top notes: bergamot, cognac, davana
Heart notes: rose, clove, labdanum
Base notes: sandal wood, amber, benzoin

This is my favorite of the bunch! It would have been the last one I would’ve guessed to of liked. I smell like vanilla tobacco and I feel quite glamorous and like I need to go to a jazz club in my best dress! I pick out cognac, clove and amber which in turn makes me smell like vanilla whiskey and cigarette smoke. I’m definitely getting this one!


Billie Holiday, intoxicating gardenia, 1950s White, Floral, Powdery
Top notes: mandarin, mango, freesia
Heart notes: gardenia, frangipani, tuberose
Base notes: vanilla, cashmere wood, musks

Ooh nice! Not what I pictured it to smell like at all! Very powdery and 50’s. I can picture a woman sitting at her make up mirror applying this. I smell Freesia, Frangipani and musks. 


Classic vs modern, the Graduate, 1960s Chypre Floral
Top notes: grapefruit, armoise, coriander
Heart notes: rose, reseda, jasmine
Base notes: patchouli, oud, oakmoss

This one was less patchouli than I would have expected. I got quite a bit of grapefruit, rose and oud. I loved the initial application but the dry down was a tad too woody for my tastes. But I would still wear it TBH. It smells just like a fragrance my mom loved so it gives me major childhood flashbacks. I kinda dig it!


All in all these fragrances were fantastic! I’m so glad to try out the sampler set. If I had to pick i’d probably start with 1910 and 1940 as my favorites. But I kinda love them all in their own way. I must mention the staying power on these is legit as well! rI have to say though i’m a 1940’s girl, the vanilla and smokiness is so different from what i’m used to. It’s amazingness in a bottle.

Definitely try these out for yourself especially if you are retro inclined. You won’t regret  it!