So in relation to my last post, i’ve been spending A LOT of time on Poshmark. Like more than I should admit. It’s kind of like an online boutique/ebay/garage sale/store. I discovered it because I was looking for a specific look of skirt and google images led me there. I signed up and bought the skirt. I got a used one for $15, and if I wanted a similar style brand new, it was going to be $120. I really thought that would be the end of it. But no!

It’s a rabbit hole of fashion and great deals. Both of which I love. You basically search for a specific item, or just at a general brand and can buy it at that price or offer the seller an amount you think is fair (like bidding on Ebay kind of) the seller can counter offer, decline or accept. I’ve had all 3 happen, and not gonna lie it’s kind of fun!

Almost all the LuLaRoe pieces (they keep multiplying) I bought came from Poshmark. Some new with tags, some used. All discounted from the original price they sell at. Now I know this is not for everyone. Some people just don’t like the idea of something being used or coming from someones home. But if you’re like me and like the thrill of a fashion hunt, i’m sorry but I just alerted you to the best/worst thing to ever happen! Best because, duh. Worst because you will spend so much time on there. For real.

I’ve found a discontinued Anthropologie dress, my size, at a reasonable price that I was hunting for forever! I’ve found things I never knew I needed, but got anyway! I even found a jacket that was a fraction of the price that I saw in the store but couldn’t justify.

I’ve even just recently started selling some of my own things on there as well. Not much, but some things that i’ve barely or never worn that I have a hard time parting with. Now, to sell they take a 20% fee. Which I feel is reasonable. But only if you are selling something you truly want to sell. I don’t care for the items that look like garage sale knick knacks that go for $5. But to each their own.

So just take a look. You might find that one item you HAD to have! Or a cute new look. Either way I feel kinda good about recycling and being fashionable.

You can peek my PoshMark Closet Here