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Poshmark Obsessed

So in relation to my last post, i've been spending A LOT of time on Poshmark. Like more than I should admit. It's kind of like an online boutique/ebay/garage sale/store. I discovered it because I was looking for a specific... Continue Reading →


Besame Fragrance Review

For as long as I can remember I've been obsessed with perfumes. I collected bottles since I was 3 and would visit my 70 year old neighbor and she would give me her empty bottles that I would cherish. I also... Continue Reading →

I drank the Lularoe Kool-Aid…and here’s my review

So by now i'm sure you've heard of this brand Lularoe. It's a brand most known for their crazy prints and soft leggings. Mom's seem to be the main consumer, but it's bleeding out and all over the Facebook world. In... Continue Reading →

My Skin Care Holy Grail

Ok, so I've been meaning to do a long over due skin care post. I have tried so many things, mostly not so great for my skin that I want to share the journey. However I feel like I need... Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is just about here, are you looking forward to it or is it another holiday you'd rather forget? It has been both for me, however I admit I'm sucker for all the gaudy pink and red hearts and... Continue Reading →

The Struggle is Real

When you try out different face products and that decidedly makes your skin much worse than when you started. The struggle is real! Yes, I was on a quest to find a light oil/moisturizer for my dehydration/fine lines. It always... Continue Reading →

Shoes of Life

If you are a girl i'm betting at least once in your life you have lusted over a pair of shoes. Probably more than once, and probably over ridiculous ones. Well these aren't ridiculous but I've been eyeing them for... Continue Reading →

A Dark Friday in November

Clever, eh? Black Friday has come and gone, did you get anything good? I know it's not the popular opinion, but I always look forward to Black Friday. It's not the buying I like the most, it's the rush of it and... Continue Reading →

Getting Naked

Naked on the Go by Urban Decay that is! I found this little Gem on sale at Ulta for only $30 and that is a steal! It's on the Urban Decay site still on sale as well so if you're looking... Continue Reading →

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